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The island of Eleuthera is the first island to be settled in The Bahamas by Europeans.

Eleuthera extends over one hundred miles and is located between Cat Island and the Abacos, and sixty miles from Nassau and rarely more than two miles wide. Eleuthera offers dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, miles and miles of white powder soft, or pink sand beaches, sheltered coves and white pounding surf and quaint little villages and towns. The genuine Island friendliness and hospitality is felt as soon as you enter any one of these towns.

Eleuthera Island is quiet but never dull unspoiled but not uncivilized informal but not primitive. It is best explored by jeep or car, and day trips to both the northern and southern half of Eleuthera is quite easy from “Sea Cliff.”

The Hatchet Bay caves, the cliffs, the historic town of Governors Harbor, Hidden Beach, the Ocean Hole, and Lighthouse Beach at the very end make for an enjoyable adventure.

The northern half of Eleuthera takes you through Gregory Town, which is only two miles north of “Sea Cliff”, a very scenic town with rolling hill, pineapple fields, gift shops and island style restaurants, cute little mom and pop grocery stores and the well know Thompson's Bakery and their popular pineapple and coconut tarts. The pineapples grown there are the sweetest in the world. If you would like to visit a church there are three to choose from; the catholic and Anglican, both holding services at 8am on Sundays, and the Methodist at 11 am also on Sundays. At either one of these churches you will be made to feel quite at home.

Once you leave Gregory Town you will come to an area just before the Glass Window Bridge called the grottos or hot tubs, you will have to walk along the cliff a bit to get to them, but it is well worth the adventure, the pools fill at high tide, so when the tide goes out the water is left trapped and the warmth from the sunshine makes them quite hot, great place in the winter to swim if it's a bit chilly.

The Glass Window Bridge is just a half mile north of the hot tubs, the most amazing view is from the cliffs on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera, The Glass Window was painted by renowned water color artist Winslow homer back in 1885. (See photo gallery for picture.) A storm destroyed the arch that formed the original window. This is a major tourist attraction on Eleuthera. The pounding of the surf along this shore line when there's a rage it's a natural wonder in itself. Current Settlement at the very most northern point of Eleuthera is another twelve miles. This unique small village boasts of having been the birth place of the first prime minister, who at that time was called a premier. It has a few historic buildings; the Methodist church on the main street is over 200 years old and the building which sits pretty much in the street at one time was the phone company, the library, the clinic and also the post office. At the present time, it is still the only post office and library in the town, so if you are there around 3:30 in the afternoon, be sure to visit the post office.

Along the Main Street there's another real old historic weathered house, just pass the cemetery, it has never been painted, just the natural weathered wood. No visit to Current would be complete until you visit the Current Cut. Tide changes causes millions gallons of water to pass through this narrow gap at a speed of seven to ten knots. The depths in the center of the channel is sixty five feet. Shooting the cut is probably the closest thing to sky diving.

The sand banks of Eleuthera are another “must do” so be sure to plan your trip around low tide. You can walk for miles collecting sand dollars. Shore birds are quite common and Eleuthera is one of the best places in the world to wade and fish for bonefish.

This little town has no restaurants, so pack a picnic lunch. There's lots of areas to enjoy a picnic, including the public pavilion.

Preachers Cave is also in the Northern part of Eleuthera. It was in this cave that the history of Eleuthera and the Bahamas began. Extensive work is being done to make a museum there. The beach is my favorite of all the beaches on Eleuthera; the sand is so soft until you find yourself sinking in. There's great snorkeling from this beach but you do have to swim out about quarter mile from the beach.

Spanish Wells and Harbour Island are both at the northern part of Eleuthera. Spanish Wells is the fishing capital of the Bahamas. They have the largest fleets of lobster fishing vessels and are equipped with all the latest technology enabling them to carry enough supplies to last for four to six weeks. The lobsters are processed before leaving Eleuthera. Spanish Wells is probably one of the best kept in all the Bahamas; you can rent a golf cart and drive yourself around. There's a great beach at the northern end of Spanish Wells.

Harbour Island is more tourist oriented which you will notice as soon as you arrive. It has quite a few large hotels and beautiful private second homes for many of the rich and famous. Prices in the stores and restaurants will reflect this. There are a few local places to eat that serve excellent Bahamian food the hotels all have real nice restaurants but expect to pay a lot more for a meal. Angela's Starfish restaurant, Sip Sip, Hammer Head or Ma Ruby's are really neat and low key.

There are many old historic homes along the water front. You can also rent golf carts to explore Harbour Island. Be sure to visit the pink sand beach where you can enjoy horseback riding.

Car and jeep rentals are available at both the North Eleuthera and Governor's Harbour airports, or can be arranged for delivery to Sea Cliff for an additional fee. The normal daily rate is $70 per day, and they do offer weekly rates. I have a few persons that I can recommend, having worked with them in the past. Robert Thompson 242 359-7007, Stanton Cooper 242 332-1620, Hilton Johnson 242 335-6241 or 242 359-7585, McClaine Pinder 242 332-3244 or 242 557-7966, and North Eleuthera service station 242 335-1128.

There are direct flights to both North Eleuthera (ELH) and Governors Harbour airports (GHB), airlines servicing Eleuthera are American Airlines (1 800 430-7300) and Continental (1 800 231-0856), handled by Gulf Stream out of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Twin Air/ Calypso Air 954 359-8266 with daily flights except Wednesdays out of Ft. Lauderdale, 9 passenger twin engine aircraft, and also Lynx Air 954 772-9808, 19 passenger aircraft. Each person is allowed $100 in duty free goods. We suggest coffee and snacks.

If flying to Nassau and connecting with a flight to Eleuthera, you can fly Bahamas Air with 2 flights per day 8 am and 4 pm 242 377-5505 or Southern Air at 7:45 am and 3:45 pm. 242 323-1720.

There is also a fast ferry service to Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, leaving Nassau daily at 8am and returning at 4.45 pm, and also into Eleuthera Governors Harbour on Friday afternoon leaving Nassau at 7 pm and Sunday afternoon at 5.pm. 242 323-2166. Also into The Current Friday and Sunday at 4 pm. The Ferry boat service is a great way to get to Eleuthera if you plan to visit Nassau a few days or can arrive there in time to make the connection. If planning to connect through Nassau, you must allow at least two hour since you have to pass through Bahamas immigration and customs in Nassau which can be lengthy at times.

As of January 2007, all US citizens are required to have a valid passport for reentry into the USA. Check with your airline as to which form of identification is needed for reentry into the USA.

It is also advisable to bring cash and travelers checks as a payment method in the small grocery stores and restaurants on Eleuthera. Major credit cards are only accepted at some of the larger businesses. ATM machines are limited on Eleuthera.

When traveling to Eleuthera, leave your fancy clothes at home, it's very laid back and casual here, instead bring cotton shirts and shorts and swim suits for daytime and light slacks and short sleeve shirts for evenings. A light jacket is also recommended. Tennis shoes, sandals, and thongs are all you need for foot wear.

Important items that you must remember to bring with you are prescription medication, lots of sun mexico 66 shoes block, personal toiletries, camera and extra batteries, a few disposable cameras in case you expensive ones decide not to work. If you like special snack items, bring those also and your snorkeling equipment.

I always recommend putting any medication that you must have in your carry on bag, along with a swim suit just in case your luggage is delayed.

Eleuthera climate is very comfortable, with daytime temperatures in the winter in the mid 70's and very rarely lower that 68 to 72 at night, and in the summer our average daytime temperature can get as warm as 88, with night time temperatures in the high 70's. During the summer months we always get the easterly trade winds that cool Eleuthera.

Choices for Eleuthera restaurants are limited, but there are a few in the area.

  • Rainbow Inn - serves Bahamian and American cuisine.
  • Cocodimama's - serves Italian with a bit of Bahamian cuisine.
  • Laughing Lizard - open for lunch Monday though Saturday.
  • Daddy Joe's - open for lunch and dinner. Live music on the weekends.
  • Cambridge Villas - serves Bahamian food with a limited menu.
  • Sunset Inn - serves Bahamian food only.
  • Tippy's - serves a variety of food.
  • Elvina's - karaoke bar with small menu, serves Cajun food once a week.

You'll find the people on Eleuthera are friendly and helpful. And if our service seems unhurried at times, remember that our relaxed and casual pace is one of the reasons you decided to visit. So come and unwind with us.

  For reservations and rental accommodations Call (242) 557-7068, or write to IslandAnn2@aol.com.
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